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Rapporr can help enterprises to engage and connect team members who don’t have easy access to email, getting the right information, precisely when they need it. From retail outlets to sales teams and FIFO workers, Rapporr enables managers to have greater control over team productivity and messaging.

Rapporr for Enterprise can:
  • Integrate with your existing intranet, bringing key information to life
  • Achieve engagement across the workforce
  • Import contacts without sharing sensitive information
  • Keep up with a mobile and fast-paced environment
  • Resolve issues quickly with the appropriate members of staff, but without causing disruption or interrupting workflow
  • Facilitate communication between ethnically diverse employees with instant translation
  • Keep communication private, and limited to only relevant staff members
  • Management level control of information and users

Small Business

Blackbird (1) Rapporr can help small businesses to communicate with busy casual and permanent employees who often don’t spend their lives behind a desk. From restaurants stores to tradies, Rapporr can be used on any mobile device, and business owners have greater control over who needs to know what and when.

Rapporr for Small Business can:
  • Create a private network for busy teams
  • Help mobile teams stay in contact and up to date
  • Ask questions, create events and make announcements
  • Solve issues with rostering and shift management
  • Instantly translate messages with single-tap
  • Share important information instantly and confidentially
  • Cross-platform, mobile driven messaging
  • Discreet, contextual messaging for small groups as needs arise

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Messages to Solve

“rapporr takes a more direct route to addressing a problem. One issue doesn’t leak into the other – conversations remain on track and don’t ricochet”

Murray, The Organic Republic

The private group communications app where you get stuff done

Keep everyone organised with calendar integration

everyone from the surf club to the local cafe can use Rapporr to organise and simplify the everyday demands of communication.


Take part in a conversation, no matter the language

make it easy for your diverse team to communicate, interact and be a part of the conversation by instantly translating messages


Keep everyone updated, announce to the group

share important announcements with your team, keep everyone on the same page.


Start a conversation with the people that count

by having a secure network you can share ideas, opinions and content with confidence and relevance.


Ask questions, get answers, quickly

It’s time to know what your team knows. Tap into the community, make them a part of decisions, see results at a glance, act as a team.