Your team connected - all in one place

A business focussed, communication and sharing platform for you and your team that separates work from play

Keep everyone informed​

The digital noticeboard makes everything from documents to rosters available – right from the app.

Easy to setup

No IT skills needed - just download the app and subscribe to your network.

Safe, secure and confidential

Keep your business communications private; content can’t be forwarded or copied; everything is secure and kept for compliance.

Communicate your way

Anyone to everyone. Create teams and conversations that can be translated instantly in over 200 languages, so everyone can participate.

Easy to use

Purpose built for mobile users - no training required.

Your team connected. All in one place

Your own  business focused, communication and sharing platform.

Rapporr enables you to separate your work messages, files and images from your personal life. All your work-based messages and content is within one, secure purpose build app for business. Rapporr works across all iOS and Android devices so no one in your team gets left behind.

Safe, secure and confidential

Keep your business communications private.

We’ve all shared something that we shouldn’t – you don’t want this to happen in your business. You control who is invited into your network. You can create groups, invited trusted external members or keep it locked down; the choice is yours. This also enables you and your staff to share and discuss business issues and ideas without the risk of leaks.

All your conversations and content are backed up on your own private cloud account so you can have the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure

Easy to set up, easy to use

No IT support required.

Our app is built for you to get more done in less time. Its easy and simple to integrate into your business. you don’t need any IT support – just download, set up and invite your team and you’re all set! Don’t believe us? Try for yourself.

Communicate your way

Talk to the whole company, to a specific team or just 1:1.

We offer all the services you need to get business done your way. Whether you want to message or call, send images, videos or files we enable you and your team to communicate in a way to suit you.

if you’re worried that it will end up just like any other social thread with a feed of endless pointless comments, we’re on it. every thread must contain an objective-based subject title that ensures team members stay on topic!

Keep everyone informed

Your teams’ digital noticeboard.

A simple yet powerful centralised place for you and your team to be across important business updates; from rosters to training, you can post content that’s a priority for your business. These notices are too important to be left to chance – receive ‘read receipts’ from users to confirm it gets read!

Familiar to everyone

User friendly experience.

We hear you – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We use what you and your team have come to know about messaging and collaborating on mobile. We’ve taken the best of that and added some much needed business features to ensure you and your team can collaborate without the need for email or a PC!