We’re a Startup based in Australia on a mission to help businesses all over the world become more productive. We believe that giving teams the right tools to communicate will lead to more fulfilling roles, enable greater collaboration and increase productivity.

Our mission is to help businesses be less busy, and more productive.

Rapporr is a communications platform tailor made for the mobile, fragmented workplace. Business networks need easy connections between people, information and resources to help them work smarter. Anyone that is critical for your business, be it your employees, stakeholders, partners or suppliers can be brought into your network making it that one place to get more done.

Rapporr is, easy to set up, a more effective way to communicate than email, as quick as messaging, and tailored for business. We make communication easy, natural, secure and personal.

Whether you’re a multi-national enterprise, a franchise group or a small local cafeĢ focused on serving the best coffee in town, you know that your success is built on having a great team. And a great team is built on great communication and collaboration. And great communication happens on Rapporr.