About Us

Rapporr was born from our realisation that there is a better, more efficient way to connect and empower teams to get the job done.


We believe that there is a vast amount of untapped productivity in every organisation. Rapporr is a company that is on a mission to unlock it. Our aim is to eliminate wasted time, money and effort by empowering people to fully utilise resources and maximise the impact of their passion, initiative and skills. Less frustration, bigger results.

Rapporr is a communications platform tailor made for the modern, mobile and fragmented workplace. Business networks need easy connections between people, information and resources to help them work faster, smarter and better. People you need connected internally, those from partners, contractors, suppliers, licensees, customers and, literally, any others in your business network with a smart phone, can be bought into your communications platform by setting up a Rapporr network. And if your business is government, charitable, social and community services, this is for you too.

Rapporr is easy to set up and it’s a more effective way to communicate than email, as easy to use as personal messaging, but tailored for business. We make communications easy, natural, safe and personal.