78% of workers today are distributed. They do not have a desk, they do not have a company email, and they do not work together in the same place – or even at the same time.


They’re everywhere and they’re mobile.

How do I avoid repetitive, ad hoc training of staff which takes up my valuable time? With Rapporr, training new hires is a breeze.

How do I get consistent displays across shifts and locations? With one message on Rapporr, all staff in all locations are on the same page.

How can I quickly reach staff when I need them and don’t know where they are? With Rapporr everyone is accessible with one tap.

How can I ensure customers always receive the best service? With Rapporr the answer is only a message away.

How can I keep everyone in sync on safety and compliance? With Rapporr , I know know they’ve received and understood the important information.

How do I communicate with the team, wherever they are? With Rapporr’s geolocation the whole team is always in sight.