How does Rapporr get more done in Construction?

How do we keep our team safe and get these everyday operational tasks DONE quickly and efficiently and keep our commitments to our customer?

“I run a construction business with 180 tradesmen on 4 sites, all at different stages of completion on 34 floors. Every time we start a new job, I have to hire a full team and ensure everyone is across all our processes and is connected to each other on the first day they start. Every day someone in some location falls ill and misses a shift. Every week materials aren’t delivered on time and a team of 25 guys the site manager and the foreman has to be informed, know what to do instead and be kept updated as to when the delivery will arrive.

We’re in the business of building and delivering finished projects keeping to tight deadlines.” – Geoff, Site Manager

How can we know right now exactly where every single person in each building site is?

Know where everyone is at any time simply by sending a request to share geo-location.

How do my site manager, foreman, plumbing team, toilet supplier and I know that the faulty toilets have been returned to the supplier, that new toilets are being delivered and will be on site this Friday?

Create a message. Select the people who need to know with a few taps. With your suppliers set up in your Rapporr, everyone can keep updated. If there are any changes to the plan, everyone who needs to know is updated immediately with minimal effort and in the same conversation so it’s easy to keep track. Also provides exact times and dates of occurrences in case of disputes down the track. Simple.

How do I know that level 32 is complete on time and the bricklaying team have started on level 33 at the Parramatta site when I am at the CBD site for the day?

Foreman on level 32 at Parramatta site creates message and with a tap includes the management team. He can include a picture of the finished floor. Project Manager can request to add the client to the conversation.

How do we ensure all 180 tradesmen know the latest site safety issues in a more efficient way?

Create a message with weblink, video or attached document of the information everyone needs to know. Select all staff team with one tap. With detailed read receipting, you know precisely who has (and hasn’t) opened the communication. Check comprehension in minutes with the quick survey tool. Know you have fulfilled your compliance safety requirements.