Resources to help you get started Integrating Rapporr with other systems.


Bring your systems into everyone hands.

This API interface has been designed at allow Rapporr to pull or push information from other systems like your accounting system, POS, analytics systems, suppliers and other 3rd party systems.

API’s allows software applications to become tightly integrated in the delivery of information to the right people at the right time. Rapporr has built a robust model to allow the messages to be delivered with a clear context and to the right people to keep the message secure.

Rapporr supports two models, one is where data can be pushed to Rapporr and can be used in cases like a refund requiring approval, sending training materials from internal systems or replacing SMS to keep staff updated.

The second model is where you can start a conversation with a user in Rapporr which is connected with an external system to access information., eg ask your accounting system today’s bank balance, ask your CRM system for a specific contact or do a search on google.

The below options covers the setup of the API in Rapporr, API documentation covering the API and showing a Zapier integration link. Zapier has links to over 500 applications that allows the pulling or pushing of information as needed without any coding.

API Setup

Setup of Rapporr Integration rules

API Documentation

API documentation written using the Apiary model


Zapier is an API interfacing product to allow linking to over 500 apps.


Connecting Rapporr to Chatbots through code or Zapier.