We are here to help you. Look through the FAQ to solve your problems. If this doesn’t help you, use Rapporr to send a message to Rapporr Support and we will get back to you.

What is Rapporr?

Rapporr is a messaging app with the functionality to make it possible to communicate with and organise teams.

Why do I need another messaging app?

Rapporr gives your group a private messaging service, without having to share contacts while also keeping these important conversations separate to your personal messages.

Who can use Rapporr?

Rapporr has been built for the “on the go” users with features designed to support this activity like events, announcements, location sharing and links. More features are already in development.

How do I join a Rapporr?

You will need to be invited by the Account Administrator. When you enter your mobile number after downloading Rapporr,  you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Upon acceptance of your number, you will get to choose your company which will then send a PIN code for you enter to complete your validation.

How do I create a new Rapporr?

Upon downloading, where you are asked to enter your mobile number, you can create a new Rapporr from this screen. If already running Rapporr, select New Rapporr in the settings tab.

Can I add someone to Rapporr?

Only Account Administrators can add people to the Rapporr which is done through the “People” tab or the Users menu in the console at go.rapporr.com.

Can I leave the Rapporr?

If you’re leaving the group your Account Administrator will remove you from this Rapporr

Can I add someone to Rapporr?

Only Account Administrators can add people to the Rapporr which is done through the “People” tab or the Users menu in the console at go.rapporr.com.

Can I be a member of more than one Rapporr?

Yes, no problem. You can switch between Rapporr’s easily by tapping on the Title bar in Conversations.

Can I use Rapporr outside of work?

Yes, you can create a new Rapporr at anytime and invite others to join. You can do this through New Rapporr in the “Settings” tab.

Can I add or remove myself or others from a conversation?

No. The people involved in the conversation have been selected because the conversation is relevant to them, once they are invited they are permanent participants. You can add others to the conversation if you are the creator of the conversation or an Administrator.

Can I change my language preference?

Yes, just go to setting and hit languages and choose from the list. In a Conversation screen, you can select from the “tree dots” menu in each Chat line to show the ability to Translate.

Do I have to use my real name?

Yes, we recommend that you use your real name so as people recognise who you are. We also recommend that you use a real picture of yourself to help your work colleagues recognise you, especially the ones you don’t see very often.

What is the difference between a normal message and an announcement?

An announcement notification requires that the conversation is opened creating a read receipt where a normal message can be read in the notification and not requiring Rapporr to be opened.

Can I change Event details?

Once a message is created, it can’t be changed as it has been sent to everyone in the conversation.

Is Rapporr free?

Rapporr is has a free trail for 30 days before the charging at US$2.00 per active user per month.

What is an active user?

An active user is one who has opened Rapporr at least on three different days in the month or has created a conversation.

We don’t to use Rapporr anymore, how do we unsubscribe?

Simply delete Rapporr from your device and make sure the Administrator has deleted you from the Rapporr.

Where are our messages stored?

We are required to keep all data of a business user. Our data is stored on Google infrastructure. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.