A trusted messaging platform for you and your team to get more done.


Increase the speed at which decisions are made, problems are solved and business is done.

Conversation List

Know at a glance which conversations have messages waiting. Search conversations quickly

Chat Screen

Tap on a conversation to see the complete history. Chat with powerful functions depending on message type or simply create a quick message.

Conversation Subject

Every group conversation must have a subject heading, like email. Creating clarity and ease of use.


Rich Messages

Rich functions create impact to get more done. Create an announcement, attach photos, links, location sharing and quick events. All rich functions can be used on-the-go.

Email Messages

Connect to external users via email from your phone. Their response will appear in the same conversation. Communicate with suppliers or customers who wish to communicate via email and keep all your work stuff in one place.


Any message can be translated with one tap. Over 200 languages are supported. With today’s global mobile workforce, everyone is on the same page.

Read Receipts

Know precisely who has opened your message with full read receipts for compliance, increased accountability and engagement.

Teams & People

People are the most important asset of any organisation. Connected & aligned teams at work get the job done faster.


New users are immediately connected to the team in seconds – no need to share phone numbers or social media profiles. Message or call with one tap. Setup and Edit as many teams as you need.

Secure & Simple

Admins can add team members in seconds with only a phone number and name. Deactivation is just as simple. Once a user is removed, they have no access or visibility to any company files or conversations. Your communications and IP are secure.

Quick Select

Select people who need to know and stay on topic or auto-pick groups by selecting teams with one tap. Change who is involved in the conversation by simply deselecting or adding a person with one tap.

create conversation

Info Hub

Documents, policies & procedures, images, videos, supplier lists, menus, rosters…
A central place for all your work stuff at your fingertips while you are on-the-go.

Common Cards

Create cards that show information that all can see in a similar structure to the “notes” you paste on the noticeboard, but no in everyone’s hands.

Document Store

Create your own library with links to documents, rosters, business systems and anything your team needs to know..

Social Interactions

A common place for all staff to see what is happening with photos, events so they become more be engaged, no more private activities happening of “I didn’t know”.

Rapporr Bots

Accessing your internal systems from anywhere and anytime to get more value and work done

Xero Bot

Start a conversation with the Xero bot to pull information on stock levels right now, check descriptions and any items to be concerned about and then check what is on order right there and then. Ask about a customer details, balances and invoices from anywhere at anytime.

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Facebook Bot

Facebook message can now comes into Rapporr, staff aren’t accessing Facebook or seeing your pages data, just focused on the message at hand. The real power is you can add the right person to the conversation, so you aren’t tied to just one person to look after you customer connections.

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Email Connections

Add contacts to Rapporr with their email address so your staff can send them messages with the replies coming back to the conversation. No need to give staff an email address, Rapporr manages this for you and for your supplier, they are only connecting to the conversation, not a person so if a person leaves, the conversation can still continue.


Web Management Console

A secure web interface with extra power functions gets stuff done faster


See the activity of your organisation quickly and access functions to manage your people. Monitor your team engagement with easy analytics.


Manage your users in one place to do bulk changes, mass uploads, import from other systems or link in real-time to other systems in the future.


Does everything the phone app can do – and more! Attach documents in conversations. Ensure compliance requirements are met – print read receipts from this screen.