How does Rapporr get more done in Logistics?

How do we get these everyday operational tasks DONE in a way that’s easy, efficient, measurable, and gets the best outcomes for our clients?

“We are a mail delivery business operating across the whole of Australia. Every day we hire 10,000 casual employees to walk the streets to deliver mail to homes. Every week casual employees fall ill, miss their shifts, change their roster and need new delivery instructions. Every day someone runs out of brochures to be delivered, or mail can’t be delivered in a street or a suburb or area managers don’t know if their whole team has turned up for work.

We’re in the business of delivering mail and proving to our clients that their mail has been delivered when it’s meant to be.” – Casey, Area Manager

How can we prove to our clients that their mail has been delivered?

Every team member can share their geo-location position on request or at any time to see where the team is when they are on shift.  Your customer can be added to the conversation to offer them full visibility.

How do we inform our casual employees in Strathfield that the Coles brochure is not to be delivered today?

Select the Strathfield team and send them a message. Click on the message to see who hasn’t seen the message for full read receipting.

How does our Payroll Manager know when a distribution has been completed and when to pay our casual employees from across the country?

Know when your team has completed their delivery route. Payroll manager can have access to the same information. Pay once complete.

How can our area managers train and onboard casual employees nationwide in a more efficient way?

Attach files or video links to a sequence of messages using Rapporr’s Automated Workflows.  Set the time frames for delivery of information to new recruits. Create quick surveys to test comprehension. Onboard and train effortlessly every time a new recruit joins the team. Hiring is no longer a headache.