Resources to help you get more from Rapporr.

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Training manual for Administrators to learn about the features of Rapporr.


Information about the Rapporr solution being used in large organisations to get more done.


White paper about the importance and role of structured messaging for improved business efficiency.


Quick Vids


Translate any message into another language.

For optimal communication, everyone needs to be on the same page.

In today’s diverse workforce, chances are your team do not all speak the same language.

In Rapporr, you can type messages in any language and others can translate to their own language or even to English.


Know when a message has been opened and read.

By using the Announcements special feature, you will be able to know when your message has been opened and read.

If the Announcement is sent from the Console, a full report can be printed allowing a full record for compliance purposes.

Cut the Noise

Only invite who need to be involved

One of the biggest benefits of using Rapporr is that you pick precisely who is involved in each conversation.

The advantage of this is when the recipient receives the message, they will know they have been deliberately asked to help. The result is strong engagement with messages sent.

Other group or channel based systems send out too many notifications in a stream of messages. Over time, users simply stop reading their notifications at all: important messages are missed.