Steve, Franchise Operations Manager

We employ over 8,500 staff working at 100s of locations across Australia. All of our franchisees have the same problems – constantly recruiting, training and on boarding staff to get them up to speed as quickly as possible helping our customers. We have a significant number of part time workers too and there are always shift changes and people calling in sick to deal with and we need to be able to quickly connect with the other team members to ensure we aren’t short of staff in the shop.

At our core we are a customer service company and that means we are a people company.

How can we on-board new team members quickly and efficiently?
With Rapporr you don’t need IT to connect new users – you just need their name and mobile phone number – no email required. They simply download the app from the store (iOS or Android) and they are connected.

I need to train my new staff on our key offerings and our culture – how can I do this without having to sit them in front of a computer on their first day?
Rapporr allows you to set-up a welcome message for all new staff members where you can outline what’s expected from them, how the company will help them get up to speed and what will happen on their first day. You can also use the Notice Board to provide links to your training and other company videos and health and safety messages. Staff simply click to watch the video right there on the phone.

How can I better handle the constant requests for shift changes and staff calling in sick which takes up a significant amount of time for our managers?
Rapporr allows you to create teams and set-up topic-based conversations. In this case you could create a team that contains all the staff that can work at a specific store location and a conversation called “Availability”. Anyone who is sick or wants to change a shift simply messages that team so everyone knows instantly what’s happening. As the manager you can see who has the read the message and the responses from people who can help cover the shift without needing to get involved. We also securely store all messages on our servers, so you also have a fully auditable trail of events if needed.
Instant tap-to translate in over 200 languages also ensures there are no misunderstandings.

How can we increase employee engagement and reduce our attrition rates?
Part time and seasonal staff often feel disconnected as they don’t typically have company email accounts and don’t receive communication about the broader company’s goals and strategy. With Rapporr you can easily send communications to all staff in your organisation – not just those that sit in front of computers. With our notifications feature you can also send instant alerts to staff for urgent or time critical information.