David, Operations Manager

“We supply over 2,000 security staff who work at 250 separate locations in shifts for 200 different clients across the state. Every month we have to train 180 new staff and ensure they are trained properly so we are fully compliant when English is often their second or third language. We charge our customers a lot of money and sometimes they arrive at a location and can’t find any of the 45 staff that are supposed to be there. Every week someone is sick or has a wedding and can’t make their shift. Every day area managers don’t know if their whole team has turned up for work.

We’re in the business of delivering piece of mind.”

How can we know right now who from our team is at the shopping centre in Chadstone and exactly where they are in the building at all times?
Know where everyone is at any time simply by sending a request to share location through the Rapporr app or via the Management Console. Accountability is increased. Your client can also be given access for their complete piece of mind.

How do we report and keep track of a near-miss accident at a location to our customer as well as our entire team regardless of whether they are on shift or not in order to avoid an accident in the future?
Take picture and record what happened in a message. Include the entire team with one tap. You can automate the process using Rapporr’s open API’s so that the message with time and date stamp updates customer’s system at the same time. With full read receipting, you can know everyone has read the message for optimal safety. With one message the team is updated and official records are kept. Translate to and from over 200 languages ensures there are no misunderstandings.

How can we inform the team that Julie at the Mornington location has fixed the incident and everyone else can get back to what they were doing?
You can create a new thread about the incident, then select the people who need to know with a few taps. Julie messages the team that she has the appropriate clean-up tools and is on the case. Everyone else knows Julie has cleaned up the incident and can get back to doing their jobs. Everyone is notified, kept updated and informed without unnecessarily distracting them from their jobs.

How can we prove to our clients that their mail has been delivered?
Every team member can share their geo-location position on request or at any time to see where the team is when they are on shift. Your customer can be added to the conversation to offer them full visibility.

How does our Payroll Manager know when a distribution has been completed and when to pay our casual employees from across the country?
Know when your team has completed their delivery route. Payroll manager can have access to the same information. Pay once complete.

How can our area managers train and onboard casual employees nationwide in a more efficient way?
Attach files or video links to a sequence of messages using Rapporr’s Automated Workflows. Set the time frames for delivery of information to new recruits. Create quick surveys to test comprehension. Onboard and train effortlessly every time a new recruit joins the team. Hiring is no longer a headache.