David, Merchant Operations Manager

We run a complex business with a network of interconnecting stakeholders, partners and customers. We often need to communicate with our merchants but rely on partners and 3rd parties for a lot of our logistics and field work making this difficult. When they need to talk to us – if they have an issue for example – they don’t want to phone a call centre so often we just don’t know what the real problems are that they are experiencing so we can’t help them.

We need to build stronger engagement with our customers and make it easier for them to communicate with us when they need to.

How can we on-board new team members quickly and efficiently?
With Rapporr you don’t need IT to connect new users – you just need their name and mobile phone number – no email required. They simply download the app from the store (iOS or Android) and they are connected.

How can we provide a better customer support experience?
With Rapporr your users are pre-authenticated, and you have an open communication channel with them through Rapporr. They don’t need to phone your call centre and they are already pre-authorised on the system so there is no need to do verification checks making it easy for them to log calls and reducing call centre costs.

Small businesses have a high turnover of staff and training is a big issue for small business owners, how can Rapporr help? Financial Institutions and small businesses can use Rapporr’s Digital Notice board feature to hold all the relevant training data their staff need. This can include links to training, compliance and health and safety videos they can watch right there on the device and even instructions on how to do simple tasks like changing the paper roll on a terminal.

How can I easily see how the business is doing?
Rapporr has built into integration capabilities and can take a feed from XeroTM straight into the Notice Board so you can see things like inventory levels and what needs re-ordering without leaving the app*.

*Functionality varies depending on specific accounting applications and business configurations.