Ben, Restaurant Manager

“I manage 4 restaurants with 92 staff across two shifts every day, who speak 8 different languages. Most staff members are casuals, and every month between 6-10 staff members leave and 6-10 new staff members join. Every week staff members fall ill, miss their shifts, and change their roster. Every day something needs to be fixed in one restaurant, something needs to be changed in another restaurant, and something else needs to be ordered in another restaurant.

We’re in the hospitable business.”

How do I let the day shift in my Cammeray restaurant know we’ve run out of orange juice and know who has seen the message?
Create a message and select your entire Cammeray team with one tap. Simply click on the message to view who from the Cammeray team has opened and read your message.

How do I ensure my head chefs, sous chefs and managers in all 4 locations know how to correctly plate our new chocolate cake dessert?
Plate it up and take a picture. Create a message and select the people who need to know. Ask each location to send you by return message a picture once they have made the dessert. Easily compare images across all locations once the team send through – they will all be in one conversation – just as if you were all in one kitchen, together.

How does my team know if I placed the urgent order for 20 dozen croissants, and how do I know precisely when it has been delivered to my CBD restaurant?
You can invite your suppliers and customers to join your Rapporr. They will only be able to see conversations they are selected to join. Alternatively, if they only want to communicate by email, you can join them to your Rapporr via your Web Console so that when you send a message from the mobile app, they will receive it as an email. When they respond, you will receive the email as a message in the same conversation. To solve this problem, simply create a message ordering the stock and select your croissant supplier and anyone at the CBD location who needs to know. Ask them to let you know when they have been delivered and press send. Wait for the response from either your supplier or team.

How do I know my baristas have all read and understood the new coffee machine manual?
Send a message with the weblink or document from the manufacturer’s website, select your Barista Team. Follow the message with a quick survey to test understanding.

How can I ensure all my staff are across the required OH&S onboarding training video for the upcoming event in Sydney?

Upload a link of your OH&S Video onto the Notice Board. Once it’s there your entire team will be notified and be able to watch it. Your team can also ask any additional questions they may have right from the app. You also can satisfy compliance requirements by being notified who watched the videos.

How can we on-board new temp team members quickly and efficiently for our big event?
With Rapporr you don’t need IT to connect new users – you just need their name and mobile phone number – no email required. They simply download the app from the store (iOS or Android) and they are connected.