Stuart - CFO, Major Not For Profit

“We are a nationwide Not For Profit that works with hundreds of suppliers, event coordinators, local authorities and regulators. We hire over 3,400 temp and part-time volunteers across Australia at any given time. We struggle to have a consistent way to communicate across such a diverse group of people and businesses due to our volunteer demographics, complexity of legacy systems and people using email less and less. We try to use technology to help drive a more efficient business to deliver goods and services to the people who need it most.

We are in the business of making the world a better place.”

How can we on-board new temp team members quickly and efficiently for our big fundraising events?

With Rapporr you don’t need IT to connect new users – you just need their name and mobile phone number – no email required. Temp staff simply download the app from the store (iOS or Android) and they are connected.

How can I ensure all my staff are across the required OH&S onboarding training video, and how do I meet compliance requirements?

Upload a link of your OH&S Video onto the Notice Board. Once it’s there your entire team will be notified and be able to watch it. Your team can also ask any additional questions they may have right from the app. You also can satisfy compliance requirements by being notified who watched the videos.

How can we better handle the constant changes in people availability for our events?

Rapporr allows you to create teams and set-up topic-based conversations. In this case you could create a team that contains all the volunteers that can work at a specific location and a conversation called “Availability”. Anyone who can’t make it or wants to change a shift simply messages that team so everyone knows instantly what’s happening. We also securely store all messages on our servers, so you also have a fully auditable trail of events if needed. Instant tap-to translate in over 200 languages also ensures there are no misunderstandings.

How can our area managers train and onboard casual employees nationwide in a more efficient way?

Attach files or video links to a sequence of messages using Rapporr’s Automated Workflows. Set the time frames for delivery of information to new recruits. Create quick surveys to test comprehension. Onboard and train effortlessly every time a new recruit joins the team. Hiring is no longer a headache.

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