Chris, National Manager

We run a national chain of 86 retail fashion stores, employ over 500 staff across multiple shifts 7 days a week. Most staff members are casuals, and our annual turnover rate is 80%. Every week staff members fall ill, or are on leave, or can’t make it into work for personal reasons. Every day something needs to be repaired in one shop, something needs to be changed in this shop, and stock needs to be marked down in another shop.

We’re in the feel-good business.

How can the casual wear buyer run a quick survey among our South Australian store staff to see why the new summer range white t-shirt isn’t selling?
Select your entire South Australian team with one tap. Create a quick survey to find out in minutes what customers are saying at store level.

How does our Store Manager know that her new casual hire has seen and understood the safety video you shared with the team last month?
Select the message you previously created for your team with the safety training video link. Add your new hire to the conversation. Check she has understood it by checking her survey response. If you want to save hundreds of hours per year and eliminate repetitive tasks quickly and easily, create your own automated onboarding process using Rapporr’s Automated Workflows so that every new hire receives a sequence of documents and/or video links as you need. Update it easily any time.

How does the marketing team know the new Spring Collection window has been set up correctly in every store and report to our main supplier who is co-sponsoring a window promotion?
Set up the window in one location. Take a picture. Select your store manager team with one tap and share the image. Ask them to send you a picture of the final result when completed. View every window across the chain in one conversation. Add your supplier to the conversation so they can see the results for themselves.

How can our Brisbane CBD Store Manager let the Regional Managers and the Supply Chain Regional Manager know we’re running low on this particular stock, and how can he be sure to get the new stock in by the weekend?
Create a message and select Regional Manager Team and the Supply Chain Manager with a few taps. Click on the message to check who has seen it if you need to know. When you receive the stock, reply in the conversation thread so everyone knows this issue is resolved.